3 Reasons to love Pixel Smartphones

Google recently launched their "Pixel" series smartphone. Two variants 'Pixel' and 'Pixel XL' were launched by Google. Pixel and Pixel are the awesome smartphones- but what makes them so special and great? Let's find out why Pixel Smartphones are the next and new awesome smartphone.
Google Pixel Smartphones price in Nepal

#1) Camera

Image as captured by Pixel Smartphone - Android Police

The best feature about Pixel smartphones is their camera. Their shutter doesn't lag and instant capture snaps the photo as soon as you shoot it. A quick double-tap launches the camera pretty fast, and when you snap, Oh Wow ! it captures instantly. There is no competition on this part.  There are several other options included which makes Pixel's camera, even more, better. You can adjust the exposure value and also lock it to click better photographs. You can also record 4K videos with Pixel. The video quality is fine and great. MKBHD shot the Options of Tesla Model S P100D with Pixel Smartphones. Check this out :

#2)  Wonderful Battery Life

Battery backup of Pixel is wonderfully good. There may be other smartphones bigger and better than Pixel but Pixel doesn't disappoint you.Previously, Nexus smartphones weren't that good on the better sector. This time, however with the introduction of Pixel Smartphones, Google has stepped a bit further on improving battery life. The battery life is somewhat similar to Galaxy S7 Edge.

#3)  Speed

Google Pixel Smartphone

Google Pixel is one if the fastest phone. The speed of Pixel smartphones is pretty considerable and consistent. The process looks smooth and it doesn't lag while switching between apps. Snapdragon 821 processor does it's work instantly and as expected the speed of Pixel smartphone is not a problem. As compared to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Pixel is able to perform better in some cases for like expose the app switcher and so on.

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