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One of the Chinese e-commerce website has started taking pre-orders for the OnePlus 5T smartphone which is rather odd. The device has not been announced officially and quite new leaks and rumours were seen in the Internet lately. The company is set to announce their another device in the November 2017 perhaps because it's too early for their another OnePlus Model i.e. OnePlus 6. As we have already mentioned the rumours before, today we'll give you a slight insight on what the device may look like and how much is it gonna cost.

OnePlus is undoubtedly one of the best budget smartphones you can buy right now. There's no debate on it. Just check the review on the Internet and Youtube and you'll know the answer why.
The upcoming OnePlus 5T will have Snapdragon 835 chipset with probably 6/8GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 64/128 GB of Internal Storage.

Update: OnePlus 5T is now set to launch on November 16. The awaited phone from OnePlus, which was previously rumoured to launch is now finally true. The company was dropping several hints at those releases and it seems it's finally happening. The exciting news is that OnePlus 5T comes with headphones jack- unlike other phones. OnePlus 5T will have a bezel-less design and slight spec bump than the predecessor.The phone is expected to cost around $549.

We have mentioned that Motorola was one of the companies which is still to land in Nepal Officially. LifeCom Pvt. Ltd. holds the responsibility of sole authorized distributor for the Motorola Mobiles in Nepal. Lenovo Business Group introduced one of the most anticipated mobile brands in Nepal. The company has launched it's popular C-Series and E-series smartphones right now and are planning to launch their G-Series smartphone in the near future.

As we already know, Motorola was the first company to make a mobile phone. The company was established in 1928, so it has offered a series of various services throughout its era. The company was purchased by Google in 2011. The Motorola company is now owned by Lenovo who settled the deal in 2014 at approx. $2.91 Billion.
Motorola has shown the potential with its mid-range as well as high-end smartphones. The build quality is thoroughly praised and the company has made a good progress after good sales of the midrange phone, the G Series. The reviews were pretty good and now the company is set to step up their game by trying to cope the high-end smartphone market with the Z-Series of their smartphones.
Four mid-range devices are launched recently. The devices available are Moto C and Moto C Plus from their C-Series and Moto E4 and Moto E4 Plus from the E-Series.
Moto C
Moto C has 5-inch FWVGA TFT LCD Display with Quadcore MediaTek processor(1.1 GHz). The device has 1 Gb of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. The device has stock Android v7.0 Nougat and has 5MP of rear camera and 2 MP of selfie camera. The device is backed up by 2350 mAh battery and the price of the device is Rs.10,990. 
Moto C Plus
The Moto C Plus has the same display size(1280 x 720 pixels) HD TDT LCD display. The device is powered by Quadcore MediaTek processor with 1.3 GHz clock speed. The device also packs 2GB of RAM along with 16GB of Internal Storage. The device runs the same version as Moto C. The device has 8MP of rear camera with 2MP of selfie shooter. The device costs Rs. 13,990. 

GoPro Hero 5 was a commercial success and there's no argument in that. GoPro 6 is now released and it looks promising. Improving in the things that the predecessor GoPro Black 5 had, including top-end resolution and frame rates and also better image stabilisation an overall upgrade in image quality as well, GoPro 6  has much more to offer.The GoPro 6 was launched last September and now has stepped into Nepali market in less than the month of its international release.
And you can't be shocked at the price tag. It is the most expensive GoPro till date with its price ranging $499 i.e. Rs. 59,000 in Nepal.
 In terms of design, you can see the similar build quality and design. Nothing much has changed then it's predecessor GoPro Hero 5 so there is no point describing the design of the GoPro 5. The quality of the display has considerably improved.
The touch responsiveness has improved and also other features are improved. The new processor GP1 is the thing to notice as it empowers the device and makes it powerful than the GoPro Hero 5. The videos quality are also improved and now the GoPro 6 can shoot 4K videos at 60 fps(iPhone X says Hi!) and 2.7K videos at 120 fps and 1080p(Full HD Video) at 240 fps. This means that slow-motion Full-HD Videos can be played without any lags.
The device has 12MP camera with the capability to take High Dynamic  Range and dynamic colours for RAW and JPG images.The device is also waterproof and can take decent night shots during low lights. You can also enjoy the GoPro 6 underwater but it is limited to 10m(33 feet).

 Price of GoPro Hero Black 6 in Nepal: Rs. 59,000(Buy here)

Razor does not need an introduction if you are a gamer of course. Razor is set to introduce it's foot in the smartphone industry and tech enthusiasts are really excited about it. The company released the trailer image of the upcoming phone and as far no any leaks are out. So, only one image of the teaser is released. This is certainly a good news for gamer especially if you are hooked to smartphone gaming.

 Why to get excited?

  • The first smartphone from RAZOR.
  • Specially focused on Gaming
The phone is set to be announced on November 1, as the teaser image reveals the launch date. No other information has been confirmed as no information whatsoever has been leaked.
The specs, design, cost and availability is still a mystery but we can expect the smartphone to cost around $700-$800. However, since any information or rumours cannot be relied upon, the price may well be higher or lower than mentioned price.

Back in June, the CEO of Min-Liang Tan briefly described the gaming smartphone in the market.

This makes total sense because it is the truth.The last gaming-oriented smartphone was Sony Xperia Play and no other companies tried and we didn't even saw sequel which means the phone did not go very well.
Razer also acquired the Nextbit Inc., you would probably know the Nextbit Robin smartphone. So, the device design may be similar to the Nextbit Robin. 
The thing that fascinates us is that Razer will certainly provide a great device ideal for gaming. It will be excited to see what the company and their products will offer to the Smartphone gaming community. 

The Diversity Programme (DV) for the year 2019 is now open. The US Department of State is all set to call for all the applications for the 2019 DV programme starting from October 3.
The application for the Diversity Program 2019 has already opened from October 3, 2017. The program closes at noon, East Standard time November 7, 2017 (10:45 pm local time, Kartik 21, 2074 B.S.).

This year may be the last year for the Diversity Program as Trump(President of the United States) may have other plans for his country. So, if you want to go America, this may be your last chance(of course through DV).

Points to be remembered

  • The application process is free of cost. It will take no money.
  • If you own a computer and have Interner access, you can easily fill up the form by yourself. You can fill up the visitng here Electronic Diversity Visa(EDV).
  • One person is elligble to have one entry. Multiple entries are disallowed. If you pursue multiple entries, you may be disallowed to be selected in the further process.
  • The only thing to take care of if you are filling up the form is the photo you uplad. It should fulfill all the requirements as it states.
  • Fill up the form as it is very easy. Be sure to have entered all valid information. Any false information may bring problems later.
  • After filling up the form, submit it and you will be directed to a page where you will get your confirmation code. Make sure to Print this page as this will help to check your entrant status later.
  • While registering for the program, you must list your spouse and other unmarried children under the age of 21 also.
  • After May 1, 2018 (Baisakh 18, 2075) you can check if you were selected for the DV or not at www.dvlottery.state.gov by entering your confirmation code as we stated(that you print your confirmation code).
  • You must also remember that even if you get selected as a DV winner, this will not gurantee that you'll receive visa for the USA. A Consular Officer will take your interview and will determine whether you meet the qualification or not. Find out more about the Interview here

The entry for Diversity Visa(DV) for the year 2019 is now completed successfully. Now sit back and wait for their official confirmation. This thing is mere luck and who knows next time you visit this blog, it could be from the United States. 

Oppo has taken the smartphone market with their selfie-oriented camera and now the company are looking forward to include latest trends in their smartphones too. Oppo is set to launch their first bezel-less smartphone. The company officially revealed that they will be unveiling another selfie-focused smartphone- the Oppo F5. As per the rumours, the smartphone looks s lot similar to Samsung Galaxy S8. The Philippines will be the first country to get this smartphone. Other Asian countries include Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Philippines.

The F5 will be Oppo's first phone with full-screen FHD+ display with the resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels and aspect ratio 18:9. The phone is expected to be 6-inches and also the screen may be full HD or 2K. The initial rumours suggests that the device will be running Snapdragon 660 SoC and will be 6GB of RAM with 64GB of storage options. The device will be powered by 4,000 mAh battery.
Another talking point of this smartphone is that has highlighted A.I. Beauty Recognition Technology which will use the A.I. to enhance the selfie shots. It will learn by self and enhance your shots as you take them. The phone is announced to go Official on October 26.


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