Google AMP : Loads Web pages faster than before

We've faced many times the problem of slow internet speed. Sometimes, it's not only the internet but the web page itself you're into. No matter how fast is your internet, some pages just keep loading and loading and never rolls out. Furthermore, the unmanaged database and ads make it more difficult to surf those websites. This is all about to change. Google has introduced Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) that's gonna make web pages load faster.

This is a good news for all website owners. It's an effective way to boost traffic to your website. AMP pages appear on the top of Google Searches. If you have good contents and if you enable Google AMP than your website will rank higher. If you have a WordPress site, you have a plugin to convert your pages into AMP. You can either convert a specific web page into or convert the whole website to AMP. Google provides a cache for those and it can be used by anyone for free. All the AMPs will be cached by Google AMP Cache.

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Do you believe ? AMP is extremely fast, it takes less than a second to load web pages. Over 600 million AMP documents have been created. Some major site to create AMP documents are Reddit, WikiHow, eBay, Shopify and lot more. There are several restrictions imposed on your website. For ex. various javascript are not allowed, HTML tags like forms cannot be used, CSS used is streamlined version but it's totally worth it. Along with a lot of restriction, you get faster web page loading speed.

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