How to use Twitter for free in Ncell

So, how many of you are Twitter users? I hope many people now know about Twitter. Ncell has been offering free Twitter for a long time but many people are unknown about it. You can follow any celebrity, idols, channel, YouTuber, gamers or business organization and get to know more about them in a very easy way. You can follow us ( @nepalilab) on Twitter. Since Ncell has been offering free Twitter, today let's know how can we utilize this feature. For Twitter users, this is probably a good news. So, let's get started.

For iPphone users
1) Go to Settinngs> Cellular> Turn On
2) Disable all those App Sync.
3) Go to Settings > General > Background App refresh and then turn off.
4) Now, Go to Settings> Privacy> Location service and choose the application that sync the location data automatically while cellular data is on.

You will also have to Turn off data sync and restrict data background in Android.
For Android Users 
1) Go to Settings > Connections > Data Usage
2) Now go to Options and disable Auto Sync and turn on Restrict Data background.
3) If location is enabled, just disable it by Going to Setings> Location Services> Turn off Access to my location.

Now you can use free Twitter in Ncell from Chrome or native browser. Window users can also use this service if Auto-sync is disabled and data is restricted in the background. You can follow us on Twitter (@nepalilab)

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