How to view your own number in NTC

Many of us know about several Ncell codes. Since, there are majority of Ncell users, people are known to several things about Ncell. For ex. we know how to see date on Ncell(in case you dont know you can see it by dialing *904#). You can check your balance by either dialing *101# or *901#. You can also call to 900 to know about balance and several other services. You can view your number by dialing *903#. Many of us, don't know our phone number when purchased, so you can dial *903# to know it (in Ncell).

Well most of us don't know how to find our own number on NTC. Since, Ncell regularly gives the code, it is easier for you to find out the information but many people don't know that you can still view your number from NTC. The trick is very simple. Just dial *9# and NTC users will be shown their numbers.