Samsung Chromebook Pro details leaked

Accidently, some weeks ago Samsung leaked details of upcoming Chromebook Pro. But this was a mistake . Soon, Korean Tech Giants Samsung realized it and immediately removed the product landing page. Samsung revealed some of the features of it's upcoming Chromebook Pro. ChromeUnboxed, constructed an unofficial similar landing page, that reveals most of the information about upcoming Chromebook from Samsung.
Samsung's new Chromebook Pro
Samsung's new Chromebook Pro

The new Chromebook will have a screen resolution of 2400 x 1600 with a QHD-class HD display and 3:2 screen ratio. The device firmly weighs 1.08 kg and is 12.9mm thick. ChromeUnboxed managed to rearrange the lost landing page and reveal key features of Chromebook.

You can now use the Android apps without Internet Connection(apps that don't require the Internet). The site also tells the presence of curved keycaps keyboard. The device will be getting regular security updates for the Chrome OS. The battery life is expected to run the device for 10 hours. There are also tons of other features available. With the device, yet to be officially launched by Samsung, what are your thoughts about it? Have a quick look at this unofficial reconstructed landing page.