How to fix your water-damaged phone

Your mouth opens as wide as a giant black hole when you suddenly drop your phone, and your mouth becomes wider if you are near a pool or a toilet. You earn money hard and then buy a smartphone and the reaction you show if your phone falls,  is completely normal. You wish the world to be in slow motion so that you could catch your smartphone. Our smartphone makes the most important thing in our life. Our life nowadays seems incomplete without a phone. That's why you love your phone so much.So, what if you drop your phone on water? Oh, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge users, it's not for you. It's for people who don't own a waterproof smartphone. Today, let's discuss what measures are to be taken to fix a water-damaged phone.
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Rescuing a water-damaged phone is not a work of sure. The device may never be restored as it is damaged. We do not guarantee that this tips will save your device entirely. it depends on the damaged made and the height from which smartphone falls. But still, there are several chances that you may save your phone and your precious data. Let's jump right to the points now.

Take out the phone immediately out of water

This is the first and foremost step you take after you realize you've lost your phone in water. Don't hesitate to take it out, even if it's in a  toilet. If you do not make a sudden move, then "RIP : Your Phone". The more you leave your phone on water, more the chance of getting a damaged phone. So, wherever you are, whatever the condition is, be sure to take your phone out instantly.


More than do's there are don't that need to be taken care of. Do not do these things after you take your phones out of the water.
  • Don't try to switch on your phone. Yes, you read it right. Many people try to switch on the phone to check if their phone are working or not but this step is to be avoided. The electrical device does not play well with water, so try not to switch on the smartphone.
  • Do not press any keys or pressurize any areas. This may push the water further deep into the device which may damage the device. Don't shake your phone excessively. Keep it still.
  • Do not plug in charger or anything in the phone making an excuse for checking it.
  • Don't blow or shake your device to let water out. This may deepen the water inside your mobile phone.
  • Do not try to apply heat on your phone. Many people use dryers to dry water, but instead it pushes water deep inside.

Split the removable parts 

Remove all the parts of the mobile. I don't mean to throw the smartphone on the wall and makes your phone apart. All removable part that is there in the smartphone, disassemble them. If you have a back-cover that is removable, remove it. If your phone has a removable battery, take it out possibly fast. Take out your SIM card and SD cards out. Scattering all your phone parts precisely and carefully helps the phone to dry in a better way and also avoids the water to go deeper into the phone.

Wipe carefully with towel or use a vacuum cleaner

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The first thing you want to do is use a dry towel to wipe. You sure do not want the water on the outer part to go deep,therefore cleaning the removed parts with a dry towel is a good option. Be sure not to shake the phone unnecessarily. You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck the water, but with no or little movement.

Dry Out the Phone

Silica gel
The important task lies here. You have to put the phone in a very good place which will dry it. You can put the phone in a pocket or sack of rice. This will dry your phone more nicely. You can also put it in a silica gel. You get small packets of silica gel on shoes or some electronics sometimes. Putting the smartphone in rice is a better option because it is easily available in our home.

The Final step and test

I am not a smartphone doctor. I do not guarantee that your smartphone will work. But it's time to face the truth. You have now almost tried every trick. Take your phone out after a day or two. Check if the whole phone is dry or still wet. Then switch on the smartphone. If it switches on and works Congratulations, you've mastered the art of rescuing a drowning smartphone. However, sometimes everything doesn't go right and as by plan. See any odd and flaws in the hardware and software section. If the phone does not open, it's time to say goodbye to your phone. Hopefully, your phone gets all working. 
Know other tricks about smartphone and it rescues? Feel free to comment and let us know.We'll be adding the context in our post and mention you too.

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