Price of MI Band 2 and MI Led Light Prime

Xiaomi has been introducing some spectacular smartphones. Their products are well-considered and are worth too. New Smartphones like MI MIX and MI Note 2 were also recently launched in China. Chinese Smartphone company has slowly increased its influence, however, Oppo and Vivo edged Xiaomi as biggest smartphone company in China. In Nepal, Xiaomi products are favoured due to their strong specs in heart-warming prices. MI Nepal recently launched several other accessories in Nepali market. Let's have a look at some of the Xiaomi products in Nepal.

MI Led Light Prime

Portable and good looking, MI Led Light Prime can be used to light up any small rooms. It can be used as a reading lamp, and for our country, it becomes more useful since frequent power cuts regularly burden us. It is made up of fine quality plastic. You can point to any direction because of its flexible neck.
Mi LED Light Prime Price In Nepal: Rs 799.00

MI Band 2

If you want a lightweight, attractive fitness band, the Xiaomi MI Band 2 welcomes you. With monochrome 0.42-inch OLED Screen, it can monitor your heart rate, sleep patterns, foot-steps and also vibrates on Notifications and calls. With its impressive design, it looks right and solid in your hand.
Mi Band 2 Price In Nepal: Rs 4,499.00