Qualcomm teases new OnePlus Smartphone via Twiter

Leaks and Rumours nowadays reach Twitter instantly. Qualcomm teased the new OnePlus smartphone featuring their Snapdragon 821 processor via twitter. OnePlus are on their way of producing another "flagship killer" smartphone. The phone is apparently to be named "OnePlus 3T".

OnePlus is popular due to their premium flagship killer smartphones. OnePlus One, OnePlus Two and OnePlus 3 all were hugely successful. OnePlus 3 is also one of the best smartphones of the year. The company is keen to provide flagship-level features at a very affordable price. 

The handset is confirmed to be launched on November 14 and with newer Snapdragon 821 processor. The phone is rumoured to feature Sony's IMX395 sensor. Many features of this smartphone is not revealed, but the phone is expected to have similar specs as that of OnePlus 3 like 5.5-inch display and 6GB of RAM. The phone price may rise to an extent and could be higher than OnePlus 3. The phone will also have a QHD display.The phone is reportedly priced at $479, which is $80 more than OnePlus 3.

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