Sajilo Recharge - A smarter way to recharge

Is recharging your phone a problem? Many times we have faced difficulties while recharging our phone. You scratch the card and dial the numbers and sometimes the error message shows up. Frequently, you put the wrong PIN and you get frustrated. Sometimes it is very difficult to see the PIN(especially for people having eye problem). So, considering these difficulties Sajilo Recharge(Scan Recharge) is an app for you, which may solve all your problems. You can recharge your phone by just scanning the recharge card.

 Why use Sajilo Recharge?

 You can Top-up your phone easily with Sajilo Recharge. This service is available for both Ncell and NTC. It keeps tracks and records of all your previous recharge history. There are no any complications while using this app and is very easy to use for everyone. All yu have to do is open the app and scan the scratched card. The app uses your camera to scan the code. The app scans the recharge code very fastly and accurate.This app supports both Post-paid and pre-paid recharges. If you want to check your balance, you can do the balance enquiry. This app is totally safe and doesn't steal any of your phone information,

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