Smart Guide : 3 things to consider while buying a DSLR

Many people think that Photography is something that requires skills and techniques but most of all, it requires proper equipment. Photography sure requires skills and techniques and photographic mind but if you don't understand the 'techy' part of cameras, you won't be able to capture stunning photos. Many people deny this fact but it's totally true. Without proper equipment and backup, you may not be able to capture great photos.
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 Many people buy high-end DSLR cameras for quenching their thirst for photography but at the end, they happen to go nowhere. They actually do not go down deep in technical terms of the photography and cameras which leave them shattered and unmanaged. So, you need to consider some things before you purchase a DSLR camera. Let's find out.

1) Why do you need DSLR Camera?

First and foremost, make sure why you need a DSLR camera. Is it because all your friends own a DSLR camera ? Firstly, ask yourself why do you really need a DSLR camera. Most people have no idea why they are investing their money in DSLR camera. They get excited and buy a camera and snap photos 2-3 weeks and end it.
So make a wise decision on why you want to buy a DLSR camera and then go according to your budget available. It helps to create a clear vision and helps you to choose the best camera as per your need and condition.

2) Know technical terms

You bought a camera and you start taking pictures. Now you really wonder what does aperture mean? What is shutter speed ? What actually is exposure, ISO and other things? So, it's good to know such terms before buying a camera. This will help you to know more about the camera and your need.

Shutter Speed : In simple terms, it means the speed of the shutter. Shutter speeds determine the blurriness in the picture. If you want to capture motion with blur, your shutter speed will be slow. If you want to capture the exact motion, you must have faster shutter speed.
Exposure: It is the amount of light that enters the camera via the lens. If you need to snap photos at the low-light condition, you must make your exposure level higher. This will result in better meaningful images.

3) Lenses

Without the proper knowledge of lenses, it is difficult to click better photographs. You should be sure to know different type of lenses before you purchase a DSLR camera.
  • Macro Lens; This type of lens is used to snap photos of smaller objects. It helps to provide you with enough detail about the photo.
  • Zoom Lens :  These are the type of lens with varying focal length capabilities. It can zoom and has long distance lens.
  • Prime Lens- These are the type of lens with fixed focal length. They provide superior performance.

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