GoPro 6 Black launched in Nepal | Price and Specs of GoPro 6

GoPro Hero 5 was a commercial success and there's no argument in that. GoPro 6 is now released and it looks promising. Improving in the things that the predecessor GoPro Black 5 had, including top-end resolution and frame rates and also better image stabilisation an overall upgrade in image quality as well, GoPro 6  has much more to offer.The GoPro 6 was launched last September and now has stepped into Nepali market in less than the month of its international release.
And you can't be shocked at the price tag. It is the most expensive GoPro till date with its price ranging $499 i.e. Rs. 59,000 in Nepal.
 In terms of design, you can see the similar build quality and design. Nothing much has changed then it's predecessor GoPro Hero 5 so there is no point describing the design of the GoPro 5. The quality of the display has considerably improved.
The touch responsiveness has improved and also other features are improved. The new processor GP1 is the thing to notice as it empowers the device and makes it powerful than the GoPro Hero 5. The videos quality are also improved and now the GoPro 6 can shoot 4K videos at 60 fps(iPhone X says Hi!) and 2.7K videos at 120 fps and 1080p(Full HD Video) at 240 fps. This means that slow-motion Full-HD Videos can be played without any lags.
The device has 12MP camera with the capability to take High Dynamic  Range and dynamic colours for RAW and JPG images.The device is also waterproof and can take decent night shots during low lights. You can also enjoy the GoPro 6 underwater but it is limited to 10m(33 feet).

 Price of GoPro Hero Black 6 in Nepal: Rs. 59,000(Buy here)

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