Camera FV-5 : A DSLR like Camera App

Are you searching for an app that functions like DSLR and lets yo snap photos with DSLR settings ? You may be probably thinking that there is no such app in Play Store, ain't you ? Don't worry, Camera FV-5 let you do all those things. If you are a mobile photographer and you are hunting for such app, here it is. There are lots of Camera app in Play Store that let's you snap photos and add effects in them but they can only be used for personal purpose. These app comes with lots of effects, features, stickers and so on but if you want to click professional photos, there are limited options. When it comes to photography, you need a different app that allows the DSLR features. So, let's see an app for all those enthusiasts photographers.

Developed by FGAE, Camera FV-5 is one of the best app for mobile photographers. With all manual controls, it allows you to snap quality images. With DSLR features like Shutter Speed Adjustment, Focus Adjustment, Light and exposure adjustment rally gives you the best way to click stunning photos. For those beginner photographers who can't afford high-end photography device, this app is perfect for you.

1) DSLR like features :  With the DSLR view-finder like display, this app also has features of DSLRs. You can adjust exposure time, EV and bracketing settings, aperture and stop display all in real time. It also shows live Histogram which allows you too snap even better images.

2) Manual Controls : Camera FV-5 allows fully manual control right at your fingertips which gives you greater control over images that you capture. You can adjust shutter speeds, exposures intervals, ISO and much more. You can zoom according to your need and then adjust those parameters like a pro to get professional images.You can either choose Speed Priority Mode or Program Mode.

3) Intervalometer- Now with this feature included in Camera FV-5 you can take stunning time lapse. You can adjust the intervalometer as your wish and capture great HDR arrays of images. Number of frames can be adjusted and later be made to an awesome time lapse.

Other Useful Options :
Multiple Focus Modes such as touch-to-focus, Autofocus, infinity focus macro,  manual focus and modes.
Long exposure support: Take beautiful night photos and light trails with long exposure times up to 30 seconds
The user interface is available in more than 30 languages.
Manual shutter speed: from 1/80000 to 2″

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