Try Allo : Google's new Messaging App with Artificial Intelligence

Google recently introduced it's new messaging app Allo. Previously Google released video messaging app called Duo. The new messaging app will be able to compete against Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple's iMessage and other messaging apps, claims Google. Since, it includes a mega chatbot - Google Assistant that uses Artificial Intelligence to give you convenient answers.

Google web-calling app Duo has already been downloaded 10 million times on Android. The Allo App is available to download for both Apple and Android devices.

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The main attractive feature of Allo is Google Assistant and Smart Reply. Ask Google Assistant and it will instantly provide you answers in a conversational manner. Since, it uses Artificial Intelligence, it will reply you in it's own n way. All commands may not be accepted but Google is still working to improve. Smart Reply seems like a very good features. It analyzes the message received and provides you options for suitable replies. For ex : I typed Barcelona vs Sporting Gijon and instantly it(Google Assistant) replied me " Barcelona beat Sporting de Gijon five nil." I was totally impressed. For ex: the auto-generated response to the question "Are you busy?" include "What's Up?" "Not really, You?" and "Yes, Why?". The feature may be useless for deep conversation and other serious conversation but seems a nice one when chatting small phrases and doing small conversations.

See part of small-conversation with Google Assistant

Available for both Android and iOS
Digital Assistant

No Video Messaging feature
No baked-in GIF Support

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