How to secure your Facebook Account?

No doubt, Facebook is your number 1 website in the web. Facebook has become a global connection among people. You regularly must have developed the habit of checking messages and news-feed many times by now. Since, it is the important part of your social life, it is much important to secure your Facebook Account. If your account gets accessed by unknown or strangers, it may invite a lot of troubles. So, you can prevent all those sorts of unwanted access to your account if you follow these simple steps. Take some time and make sure your Facebook is secured.

1) Create a Good Password

The major step in creating a secure Facebook account is creating a strong password that is onerous to crack. Many people use simple password that only consists some letters because they think they will not forget the password and it will be easy to remember. Those password which only contains letters are very prone to be hacked. Password should contains letter of upper and lower case, numbers, and symbols.For ex. if your name is Arjun, the password you can keep is arJ3466Un.( arJ and Un comes from your name and the number could be your mobile number from the back). You can create a very good password if you think calmly.You can also use Password generator to generate a password but I recommend you to create yourself a unique password that is hard to crack.

2) Confirm your mobile number

Confirming your mobile number in Facebook is a very important step. If you lose your password someday, Facebook will send you message via the SMS and you can recover your account.
To add your mobile phone number, go to Account Settings > Mobile and click on Add a Phone number.

3)Activate "Login Approvals"

The extended feature provided by Facebook will now let you to secure your account. Each time you try to access your Facebook account from unrecognized device, Facebook asks you a security code. This will block any unvited strangers to peek into your account. To Activate Login Approvals, go to Account Settings > Security, search for Login Approvals and Click on Edit Button.
Tick the button to activate the feature, a popup window will appear, Click on Set Up Now button to continue.
Facebook will send you a confirmation number if you already have added your mobile number. Click on Submit Code.

4) Avoid "Spam Links"

You may be victim of many scams on facebook like money and data scams. The request may come through direct and indirect message. Never reply an suspicious message. They may steal your information. Phising links will redirect you to fake website, and malicious link will take all your information or even harm your computer.

Steps to consider to avoid Facebook misuse

1) Never give your username and password to any of the website that looks odd and you can't trust. Submitting your password and data may break the security level and your account could get hacked.
2) Update your browser so that it has maximum security level. With newer updates, browser regularly adds new security feature or strengths the previous security level which will make your account even more secure.
3) Never Log In to Facebook from other website unless Facebook Site or Facebook App.
4) Never Click on any suspicious links whether your friend may share or you get via direct message. In some case, even your friend may be unknown about his/her message and the message be autonomous.So, it is better to confirm the link by asking your friend and if you find it secure, you can go through it.


So, the recent data proves many hackers are trying to steal data from various website. Recently, millions of Yahoo IDs were hacked by some group of hackers. So, ass we all know Prevetion is better than cure, it is better to secure your Facebook Account by following the steps above. You can also make your browsing more safe by private browsing, signing out after every use, not keeping you logged in, disconnecting previous sessions. If me missed something, let  us know down in the comment section.

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