Why smartphones use dual-lens camera ?

If you are tech lover, you might have noticed the recently launched high-end smartphones. Many of them now come with the dual-lens camera. Smartphones like iPhone 7 Plus, LG V 20, Huawei P9, LG G5, Huawei Mate 9 now are equipped with the dual-lens camera. Why are the dual-lens camera so famous nowadays and why instead of improving a single-lens camera why are recent smartphones integrating dual-lens camera? Let's find out why.
iPhone 7 Plus has dual-lens camera 

How it works?

As you may have noticed, the lens are named primary and secondary lens. The primary camera captures the photo like out single camera and the secondary camera adds the details and quality. With dual-camera, you will get a professional finish to your captured photo.

Why dual-camera Smartphone ?

Large Sensor Area and Better Sensor

As compared to DSLR Cameras, smartphone cameras have smaller sensor size which is one of the main factors for which smartphone can never click the quality photos like DSLR. A bigger sensor means a better photo. But, do you want a big bulky smartphone that is almost difficult to hold? So, the best idea to improve the quality of the photos is to have dual-camera. With two sensors attached, your photos will come finer. This will make easier to capture quality photos during motion and in low-light condition.

Optical Zoom with Fixed Lens

The best thing about Dual-lens camera smartphone is optical zoom. If you want to capture something that is a-bit far from you, the only thing for you is to get closer to the object. But with dual-lens camera, you will be able to capture that object without losing the quality. It will also aid in better focus. You can adjust your focus and then finalize your images.

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