Samsung Galaxy A5 and A7 prices leaked

New smartphones from Samsung are on the very end to launch. Samsung Galaxy A5 and A7 are coming to focus now. The phones are supposed to be launched on January 5. Their initial prices are now revealed in Malaysia. The price is, however, a bit higher as expected for the mid-range smartphones.
As the rumours suggest, Samsung Galaxy A5 will cost $378 while the Galaxy A7 will be priced $424. Samsung users in Malaysia will get a free level U Pro wireless headphone who will pre-order the smartphones between January 6th and January 15th.
Samsung had already mentioned that Samsung A5 and A7 will be water resistant. Recently, it has also confirmed that these smartphones will be dust resistant as well.As the release date come closer, we expect Samsung to reveal more information on the upcoming devices. The devices are said to have a 12 MP front-facing camera rather than 5 MP camera other models had.