Why you should be excited about iPhone 8

iPhone is a brand, it's a name. Having an iPhone is a matter of pride for people. For thousands of people around the world, iPhone has served as a piece of their heart(well now a kidney too). iPhone 8 is now a hot news around the tech world as the anniversary edition of iPhone is among the much-awaited smartphone of the year. Well rumours, dummy models, leaked images, hands-on video, cases and LIVE images been leaked regularly, the product launch is being interesting and clearly shows the interest of people on the latest Apple product. Today we will be talking about 5 things that you should be knowing about upcoming iPhone 8.

Why iPhone 8?

  • 10th Anniversary edition of the iPhone
  • TouchID is being removed and is replaced by powerful FaceID(As per the rumours now)
  • First major redesign of the iPhone going bezel-less
  • First smartphone to record 4K videos at 60fps(insane). To your surprise, both front and rear cameras will be able.(Yo Hey Vloggers)
  • The most powerful phone ( as per reports the iPhone 8 scored benchmark score of above 9000 multi-core)
  • You'll have to sell a kidney of yours.(The price will be over $1000)
  • New Copper Gold Color gives you insane look.
  • First iPhone to have a Wireless charging and fast charge too.
Apple will be releasing 3 iPhones this year. The name of the latest iPhone will most probably be changed at the dying minutes of the launch. iPhone launch date is September 12 and the world will be looking at the launched smartphone at that time. Apple are also planning to launch Apple Watch 3 and Apple 4K TV along with the smartphones.

1) iPhone 8 may not be called iPhone 8

Comparison of naming of iPhone ranging from iPhone SE to iPhone 6s Plus 
As per the news and articles around the internet, it is said that the upcoming iPhone will not be named iPhone 8.  Since the Apple is expected to release three smartphones this year, the naming will be a little confusing too. Apple is expected to release two models of iPhone 7 i.e. iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. iPhone 8 will be the centre of attraction among these smartphone but still those two models 7s and 7s Plus will be worth to watch what Apple is offering. With the iPhone 7, 7 Plus and two more 7 models appearing this year, what will Apple be naming next iPhone? iPhone 8 Plus or something else? Since this iPhone will be a special edition iPhone for the celebration of 10th Anniversary of iPhone, the name should be special. As per the rumours, the latest addition to the iPhone will be named iPhone X. Now, this may also not make much sense because if Apple releases another version of iPhone they will name the device XS which means Extra Small which won't make sense. Previously, iPad has already faced the problem of naming and Apple are sure not to repeat their previous mistake again.

2) On Screen Fingerprint sensor

iPhone 8 will have On-Screen Fingerprint sensor completely ditching the physical Home button
iPhone 8 is repeatedly said to have on-screen fingerprint sensor which will revolutionise the smartphone industry. It will be the latest addition to the smartphone technology invention. The most awaited feature in the iPhone is the on-screen fingerprint sensor. iPhone will finally ditch the physical home button this year, which Samsung has already done with their Galaxy S8. However, S8 was criticised for its awkward fingerprint sensor placement and the upcoming Note 8 is also said to have the fingerprint sensor on its back somewhere near the dual-camera. So, if Apple makes it possible for the fingerprint sensor to be embedded within the OLED Display, it will be something advantage to iPhone. However, Chinese smartphone brand Vivo has already shown off the On-screen fingerprint sensor technology. As the video suggests, the on-screen fingerprint sensor works completely fine but it takes a longer time to unlock the screen. Apple sure will be removing this delay in fingerprint lock.

3) First iPhone to have Wireless Charging

iPhone 8 will be the first iPhone to include Wireless Charging
Now Wireless charging is not a  new term. Android users have been using this method for a long time now and is a convenient way for charging for the high-end smartphones these days, Apple was left far behind. This time, however, Apple is planning to have Wireless charging in it's latest edition and it will be a thing to watch. Wistron, a company, is putting together the Wireless Charging Technology this year. Histron CEO Robert Hwang confirmed that the upcoming model of iPhone will support the wireless charging. This is late for Apple but still is an important step.

4) Larger Bezel-less display

Leaked iPhone 8 Render from famous Benjamin Geskin
This year iPhone will sure be bezel-less because it's competitor Samsung Galaxy S8 is already a bezel-less beast. If Apple fails to implement the bezel-less display, they will be left far behind the smartphone race which they certainly don't want to happen. As per current leaks, we've already seen bezel-less iPhone Dummy models and even iPhone clone. iPhone will also embed OLED Display which will be a step further for iPhone. It is really gonna be awesome to watch videos and play games n full screen in iPhone.

5) iOS 11 and 10nm Processor

New refurbished iOS 11
The next iPhone is supposedly to have a 10 nm chips for the processor. This certainly means the processor will be faster and efficient. This processor will be matching the Snapdragon 835 processor. The new iPhone processor will handle apps and tasks more efficiently and also provide great battery life. Since iPhone 8 will have bigger screen-to-body ratio than any other iPhone, it must provide decent battery life and apps handling. iOS 11 will be the ornament of iPhone 8 as the bezel-less beast will look absolutely amazing. The recnet change in UI and other functionality will surely provide smooth interaction and tasks handling.

So, what are your thoughts about upcoming iPhone 8. The phone is rumoured to cost about $1000. What are your thoughts about it? Let us know and keep visiting the site. Any new updates will be updated.

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