Dual-camera. Are they legit or scam?

We all know along with the development of Smartphone every year, a certain pattern is followed by Smartphone companies. Simply, we can call these patterns "Trends". Every year we've seen those similar trends in the smartphone industry. This year,  we've seen smartphones going bezel-less, whether it be mid-range to high-end smartphone. Aqua was the first smartphone to enter into the bezel-less industry but it was Xiaomi MI MIX that led into the bezel-less competition this year. The MI MIX was a beautiful device along with great specs sheet. Samsung S8, S8+, and newly launched  Galaxy Note 8 has also followed the pattern of making device go bezel-less to give a futuristic look. In my view, it is necessary too. I personally like bezel-less devices as they look much nicer and also provide a bigger screen. Even upcoming smartphones like Apple iPhone 8 and Huawei Mate 10 are going bezel-less. So, following the trend becomes a must in the smartphone industry as people want new and new things in their devices. Dual-camera was the trend of 2016/17 and we can now see numerous device having dual-camera. Dual-camera has different purposes. If you want to know how dual-camera in a smartphone, we've written an article on 'Why smartphone use dual-camera and how it works".  Shortly, dual-camera is necessary because they are like two-eyes of ours. Having dual-camera will create a bokeh effect that will focus entirely on the subject and blur the background giving DSLR like effect. If you use a high-end smartphone like iPhone 7 Plus or new Galaxy Note 8, you'll see the radical difference in smartphone photography introduced by dual-camera.So, is dual-camera this necessary that big companies like Apple and unknown companies like Dodgee are using it? Is it worth the price? Or are they just consuming your money by false advertising? Stay with the post, we'll know it shortly.

 Honestly, a lot of dual-camera never do the work they promise to do. The less-known Dodgee MIX which got huge attention due to the dual-camera setup and the bezel-less body has just done false advertising about their dual-camera setup which completely doesn't work. The smartphone has physical dual-camera at the back, but on closer inspection, you can doubt if it's real. The smartphone has been a matter of talk and has reviews of Youtubers like MKBHD and Unbox Therapy. But the reviews done by these great YouTubers in only enough. They failed to explain the false dual-camera setup of the smartphone. Having two camera means having dual-lenses for a different purpose. That means if you close one of the lens or just block it with your thumb, the quality of your picture taken with an only single lens will downgrade slightly. However, it is not the case with Dodgee Mix. The company has added bokeh effect to the camera app, not the lens. The tilt-shift effect is simply the feature that you get in photo editing apps like Candy Camera and other editing apps. What it does is it simply focuses on the subject blurring the background. The other thing that amazes me is the company is selling the product boasting about their false dual-camera at an affordable price. It is a complete scam. Not only Dodgee has introduced false dual-camera and publicized their smartphones so openly, there are several companies out there who sold their products by false advertising.
Dual-camera setup in iPhone 7 Plus. 

Dodgee Mix. See how falsly advertising is done about bezel-less, the device is not this bezel-less and dual-camera are complete scam.
Devices like iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, One Plus 5, Huawei P10 and P10 plus, newly launched Essential phone, LG G6 or V30 have all perfectly working dual-cameras. On the other hand low-companies like Dodgee, Ulefone, Maze, Bluboo has done false advertising about their dual-camera setup. Now don't get me wrong, their every device are not scam. For example Ulefone smartphone that are higher priced have completely working dual-camera setup. It's only on the low-end smartphone from these cheap companies who promises great camera with dual-lens which are a complete lie. So, it absolutely necessary to do proper research before you buy the smartphone. The user rating are nearly 4.5/5 and even editors who unbox and review the smartphone are giving 8.9/10 which is completely false advertising. Be sure to check those dual-lenses before you buy. This thing not only applies to dual-camera but also screen, speakers and other features advertised as innovative but are not anything special. Advertising as great screen body ratio or having great speakers and they all turn out to false. The fake advertising is often followed by cheap companies and are carried by biased tech-tubers or article writers. So, be sure to have a proper understanding of the company and device on which you are about to invest your money.

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