5 clever uses of Silica gels

Many times we get these small packs of silica gel and we don't know what to do with it. Eventually, we end up throwing it away. Many of us think that those packets are trash, but it is very useful in some cases. Silica gels can be used to do different things and after you find out why you won't be throwing it . It is better to keep at safer places away  from children. Silica gels are actually used to absorb moisture. So, if you have any places damp and wet,you can put silica gel right away.So, let's see some of the uses of Silica gel.
5 clever uses of Silica Gels

1) To keep your phone dry

As I mentioned earlier about How to fix your water-damaged smartphone, I said that keeping your phone in silica gel will help you to dry  the phone. As silica gel absorbs the moisture, it helps to dry the phone in a natural way and will also help to restore your wet phones. Putting your wet phones in Silica packs is better than putting on rice sack.

2) To keep the photos and album free of moisture

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I was recently flipping through the photos of my family and I found that some of the photos were wet and were stuck to the thin layer of plastic around them. I was little unhappy about that, however, with great effort, I pulled out the plastic layer and then inserted some silica gels. Now my photos are dry and whenever I turn the album ,it brings the wave of gentle happiness in my heart. Now, I don't recommend putting the silica gels between the pages for a long period of time because I am unknown about the effects that may arise. However, you can use it for short term and get benefitted.

3)You can use it anywhere that has excess moisture

You can put these little balls of Silica gel anywhere where you need to keep dry. You can put them between two baskets or anywhere in the basement. You can also use these balls in the garage or even cupboards.

4) To protect your seeds 

If you are an active gardener, then you must know the effective use of Silica gel. Using silica gel with your seeds can throw excess moisture away and keep the seed dry and free of moisture. You can use small envelopes and then put the seeds and silica gels.

5) Protect your food and medicines

You can use silica packets in food and medicine to keep the excess moisture away. Now, do not touch the food or medicine with silica gel as it may bring some other results which may be positive or even bad. So, keeping the packs will reduce the chance or rotting and spoilage of food.

There are still other uses of Silica gels like you can keep your underwater camera moisture free and also prevent from condensation. There are several other uses like keeping your windows damp-free. if you loved this article, share it and if you know more uses of Silica gel, you can drop your thoughts right below in the comment box.

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